Direct Cremation is a simple, dignified option in which your loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Sometimes known as an unattended cremation. By removing the service, the private cremation service is one of the most affordable funerals around.

Direct Cremation is for those, who for lots of reasons, prefer not to have a funeral service. This option of a simple, straightforward cremation is now being chosen by a growing number of people as an alternative to a traditional burial or cremation.

It is a cremation without a service time or attendance, which includes the collection of the deceased in a suitable vehicle from place of passing.

Many people wish to hold their own private ceremonies. Direct cremations offer more flexibility to organize a private ceremony at a time and location of your choosing. A direct cremation is also perfect for individuals who have no close family or haven’t made any financial provisions. We can offer this service for a costing of £1500.


Benefits of the Direct Cremation

  • Perfect for all religious and non-religious ceremonies

  • People who wish to have a celebration of life away from a crematorium

  • Individuals who have no close family or haven’t made a financial provision

  • Anyone wishing to save money on traditional funeral costs without compromising quality and personal service.

Direct Cremation